Life's hardships can be the opportunity to develop your strengths.
I am here to safely guide and support you through that process.

MayaMind is a holistic wellness service provided through the practice of social work and therapy.

MayaMind offers a variety of therapy packages and individual sessions depending on your aspirations and budget. MayaMind also provides social work services including professional supervision, Medicare funding sessions, and consultancy services.

You may be wondering why you should choose social work instead of psychology.  Both styles of therapy can offer you support, social work, however, works holistically, looking at all aspects of your situation so we can give both practical and therapeutic advice.

Social workers are the people who can help you with almost any situation that you are finding difficult. MayaMind can support you in a variety of ways on your journey through life’s challenges.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Online Therapy/Social Work

Online therapy packages for those who would like to meet virtually. 

Each package includes a free half hour consultation before you sign up, weekly online focussed sessions, email support after you finish the package, a free personally selected self-help book and resources for your own investigation.

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Individualised Therapy/Social Work

Office based sessions, Zoom online sessions or the new innovative idea of Cafe Sessions, whichever method suits your lifestyle and needs the most can be arranged.

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